20 October 2012

When you dont know what to write...

The best way to combat
imagined writers block
is to do something really pretentious
like stare at a ticking clock.

Then begin to write something deep
realise its deluded,
say screw the world
and feel very excluded.

Remember you have the vocabulary 
for pseudo intellectual words-
Ruminate, pontificate and complicate
the hidden meaning of your hatred of birds

Suddenly a brainwave
To be surreal and absurd.
Rhyme your dreams-
what could be more wonderfully weird.

Its Midnight in Parrys
home to the vada pau bank
where a man named god kills a monster
that mutated from a millipede in the fish tank.

Conversations with a bearded physicist
on upside down chairs
in a house with long corridors
and people who live beneath the stairs.

Trapped in a house of mirrors!
I can see the water level is rising.
Dont know if I'm inside or outside
but my teeth are falling.

A movie about a never ending river
of blood and scars.
Suddenly I am Nicholas Cage
en route to Ooty in an ambassador car.

Trapped in Cage's body
with my co-star Meryl Streep
The only escape, I'm told, is to
Slip into slumber-a hundred feet deep.

The alarm rings, time to wake up 
and bring this poem to a clever conclusion.
Its almost midnight and I need to catch the 7F to Parrys
Cant be late for Vada Pau Bank inauguration.

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