25 June 2012

The Mountain and The Valley

The Valley

The girl from the valley-
The Valley of Laws
Bathed daily in the river-
The River of Flaws

Humming and whistling,
She was a peculiar recluse
Staring at The Mountain of Symphony
for it was her muse.

The Mountain was far away.
But in its beauty lay promise
Of a place filled with happiness
And all its people free from malice.

One must not forget that this wretched valley
Had its name for a deliberate reason.
For anyone who attempted to escape
Would be punished by The Rulers for treason.

Fearlessly, she plotted day and night
a seemingly impossible escape.
As she looked at that elusive Mountain
and its musical landscape.

The River was the only way out
But no one but her dared go near.
For the Rulers had led the subjects to believe
That the River was the devil's tear.

The Devil was most feared and hated.
The Rulers put up pictures of him
And told all the subjects he lived in the Mountain
He was none other than late Morrison, Jim

Soon the girl inevitably became
The object of the Valley's scorn
And the Rulers threatened punishment
"You'll wish you were never born"

The girl could take it no more
She was firm in her resolve.
One night she jumped in the River
And felt her sorrow dissolve.

The Mountain

She swam for what seemed like miles
And finally reached her destination.
Where the Mountain's hippie citizens gathered
To welcome her with grand celebration.

The girl was over joyed! 
No words could describe her relief,
That the Mountain's hippie citizens
Shared none of the Rulers beliefs.

She watched them sing and dance
Recite poetry and prose.
They would love and hug each other
The Mountian was free from woes.

But as days went by the girl became weary
That the citizens were talented beyond measure.
They spent all their hours honing their craft
Known the world over as the Providers-of-Pleasure

The PoP were renowned and respected
They traveled the world to teach art.
Admitting only artists of the highest standard
The girl was told she needed to be a class apart.

It seemed impossible that this poor girl
From the wretched Valley of Laws
Would have the ability or skill or talent
To win the PoP's applause.

Nevertheless,she put her hopelessness at bay
And all day she practiced her singing. 
At night would dream of her travels
And the the pleasure she would be dispensing,

The citizens gathered for the PoP's audtitions
It was a grand affair.
The Girl from the Valley took the stage
And stood terrified under the spotlights glare

She suddenly gurgled a horrid harmony
Choking, she spat out the blues.
Weeping, she whined her tragic symphony
Fell down and blew a fuse.

And when the lights came on
The Citizens said
They found her lying on stage.
No breath-no life: She was dead.

Thus ended the life of The Girl from the Valley
She was buried in the Mountain.
As the hippie citizens got high and softly sang 
The End by Jim Morrison.

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