17 April 2011

The Life and Death of Saint 1-1-3

Part 1

Token no. 1-1-3
lost his job at the car factory,
and ran away from home.
With a tear in his eye, he bade his father good bye.
Family now abandoned and alone.
Nevertheless young Token no 1-1-3,
had always willed to be free
and so with reasonable joy he trekked to the hills.
With time however his soul filled with guilt, destroying all fortitude built.
Trudging up, he soon felt his grit give way to chills
realising sadly that all he wanted was again to be-
Token no 1-1-3

 Part 2

Atop the hill, the godmen vultures
sat chanting their porno-graphic scriptures
and paused as they spotted their prey approach.
“You must only pray 1-1-3,” “Turn to us” they commanded
“If you disobey, you will be forever reprimanded.
And surely you will invite god’s reproach!"

Part 3

So young token no.1-1-3 became a sage
and prayed for 18 years in his invisible cage.
His wrath and rage slowly suppressed.
But one day the seer awoke to reflect on his life, recounting his strife
And wondered, “Could godmen be so depressed?”
1-1-3's stomach now went grumble and growl
His eyebrows furrowed in a scowl.
For a whole day and a night he cried.
“I was never meant to live, I haven’t anything to give”
Thinking thus, Saint 1-1-3 collapsed and died.

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